10 Ways To Make Your Wedding Feel Like You | Inspiration from this Unique, Boho, Festival-Vibe Wedding

May 17, 2020

Your wedding is one of the most exciting events ever—but what’s also exciting is that you get to plan it. That means you have the opportunity to make the entire event feel like you and your person, from the big decisions down to all the details. Maybe you’ve already thought about all the unique ways that you can make your wedding feel like you, or maybe you haven’t had a chance to think of anything yet. Either way, get inspired by checking out this beautiful boho-style wedding below, and check out some easy ways to make sure you look back and see your individual style all over your day. Let’s go.

Dress. There’s no doubt about it—your dress can act as one of the key parts of your whole day. All the hippie vibes are out in the bride’s dress from this wedding, *EEEP*. I literally love it so much. Don’t feel like you have to line up your dress with the latest trends or a picture you are trying to match, if it just isn’t you. Find what you feel the best in, style or cut, and don’t be afraid to explore and try dresses you would have never thought about. Maybe your perfect dress is a more glam style, or a dress that ties into your great-grandmother’s vintage headpiece. Don’t be afraid to do something out-of-the-box. Because every single couple that truly just do them, feel so much more emotionally connected to their day. Accessories. It’s easy to forget about the little details (literally little—earrings, anyone?) when planning your big day, but accessories can bring a whole unique look together in a way you may have never thought about. Etsy can be the jackpot for all things custom. From booties to jean jackets to almost anything you could dream up, it’s a great place to start and add a little custom flare to the day. *Tip: Order way, way in advance! Hair. This bride had her grandmother’s pearls laced into her fishtail braid crown. WHAT? Like, I totally didn’t even know that was an option and that’s kinda my point in all of this. Deeply know the things that matter to you and intertwine them into any detail of your wedding that sounds cool to you.

Altar. During the ceremony, everyone’s eyes will be on the two of you. But right behind you both will be the chance to create a stunning altarpiece. Whether you are opting for an unforgettably detailed altarpiece like in this wedding, or a more simple vibe with florals, a thought-out altar will center to your ceremony shots in a way that highlights your style and bring together colors, themes, and create a freaking stunning background for that epic kiss. Signage. The signs on your wedding day aren’t just for directions or instructions. If you decide to go the extra mile, they can be an extension of your theme and personal style. The signage and calligraphy for this wedding was so personal to the bride, who used it as an outlet to rest and create leading up to the wedding week. She created all of it herself—but even if that’s not your way to relax and feel creative, find a business who is passionate about literally creating art for the start of this next chapter of your love story. Attire. Tie together the look of your whole day by styling your wedding party to enhance it all. What your girls and guys will wear is honestly one of the biggest statements and pieces of your wedding having a certain “look”. I think probably only outside of the venue you choose, what your favorite people wear just takes up so much space. Think of it as the color you paint your walls or what kind of comforters you choose for beds. Whether you opt for bold, velvet dresses like this bride did for her bridesmaids (and Chucks to add a unique flare!) or you ask your groomsmen to wear no jackets to convey a more relaxed feel, think through what not only makes sense for the kind of day you are going for — the season, your personality, and what makes sense for the venue.

Ceremony. Ditching traditions in your ceremony that don’t make any sense or don’t hold meaning to you is huge. Don’t spend time and energy on something that will stress you out or that you literally won’t even remember. The ceremony doesn’t have to be cookie cutter or what you see in the movies. This couple opted for a unity painting and a shorter ceremony with lots of laughs and no formal wording. I, by the power vested in me by the state of Pennsylvania… Haha. Totally joking. But actually. I give you complete freedom. Decor. Whether it’s your seating arrangements, how the tables are filled or positioned, hand-dyed cloth napkins, or potted plants—try new things. Keep it simple where you want to be simple and get weird where you want to be weird.

Food. Did you know your celebration’s food choices can change the whole feel of your wedding day? That’s why it’s so important to go with choices that feel like you and fit your day well. Like come on— Food! Like. That’s the best part of weddings right!? Maybe second to the best dance parties ever. If you’re going for a lavish feel and are obsessed with all things sweet, an intricate cake design may feel perfect… BUT if you’re creating more of a relaxed, backyard wedding, opt for your favorite pizza joint or taqueria. Reception. Your reception will probably be one of the most fun parts of your day—so let it be. Remember: A party! There are an endless amount of choices you can make to create an unforgettable reception. This wedding was the most unique party I had ever ever been to; it screamed music festival with craft beers, a new food truck every few hours, and dancing barefoot in a clearing on top of a mountain. You have the complete control to make it everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Amidst all the things you have to get in order,
Everything you have to say “yes” or “no” to,
Decisions you have to make,
Loosen up.
Have fun.
Be present.
This is the raddest party you’ll ever throw.