Intimate Asheville, North Carolina Wedding with Blue Ridge Parkway Views

November 18, 2020

This Asheville wedding was everything from spur of the moment, during COVID-19, special, and just so, so meaningful.

Okay. It wasn’t actually spur of the moment – but plans had to change so many times from a wedding day in New Jersey with all of their people, to eloping in Europe, to rescheduling until the next year, to having two weddings, to, finally: An intimate Asheville wedding on the groom’s childhood property. Stay at-home mandates were lifting and I was on my way back from California to Pennsylvania, with an ordained 18 hour stop in Asheville, North Carolina.

From all the girls (and Daddy!) being stuffed in a little, country Airbnb the morning I arrived to the dramatic, scenic road they had their first look in the Blue Ridge Parkway mountains to the estate that homed the elegant “backyard wedding”… It was different than I had ever experienced before. It was all so wonderfully special.

It was only their immediate family that surrounding Abbi & Rob as they vowed their lives to each other; Siblings and parents. Afterwards, just like you would imagine a Southern family dinner to be — everyone laughed, ate, and played together. The “kids”, mostly all in their twenties now, gravitated to their own area, while the “adults” poured drinks and enjoyed the company. The simple enjoyment-of-eachother that was going on lasted for hours and hours, long past the sun’s light. Tears streamed down my face because it simply was: Special. This was not something that couples typically get to have. All of my weddings have been important and meaningful, yes, but this was something different entirely: It was a beautiful picture of not just a couple becoming one, but their families becoming one as well.