5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Photographer

March 28, 2020

I knew what wedding photographer I was choosing wanted to book long before I was getting married. However, I know that process is not always that easy. So, I’m dropping 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Photographer… Ready set go.


  1. Can I see three full wedding galleries?

    Blogs, websites, and social media are so so great to understand the style and editing of a photographer. I expect that it is pretty easy to find 15-20 of your best photos out of thousands.So instead, opt for seeing the range of work, from worst to best, to give you a more realistic understanding of the types of photos that they take.


  2. How many weddings have you shot as the lead photographer?

    Sometimes this one is a hard one to answer. I never want couples to think that they should compare photographers solely on price or solely on experience. However, I do believe their true experience as a lead photographer is something that you should know before investing. Experience gives knowledge, understanding, and the capability to work under pressure in all different kinds of situations.


  3. What lenses do you bring to weddings?

    Photographers all have different go-to lenses and different lenses that they are drawn to. That affects the photos that you will receive. In other words, photographers typically use a mix, but lean towards one. An always 85mm type shooter will be farther away from you producing creamy, soft photos. A 35mm shooter through and through will produce more of a storytelling, wide-angle perspective, coming closer to you to get the crisp portrait shots.


  4. Do you feel confident shooting in manual and kelvin?

    You might not know what either of these words mean, but your photographer needs to. Both of these skills and settings allow your photographer to work with unideal lighting, indoor venues, uneven shadows, and saturated reflections. It takes a hobbyist to an expert. It takes *crossing your fingers and hoping* to being confident in every shot.


  5. What are 5 words people often use to describe you/your second shooter?

    This. Is. Huge. You should really understand the positive and negative descriptors of the people you are asking to be around you during your entire wedding day. End of story.