A Fall, Folino Estate Wedding turned Engagement Shoot

October 31, 2020

It was supposed to be the most beautiful Folino Estate wedding.
It was supposed to be filled with all of their favorite people – from Germany to their hometown.
It was supposed to their wedding day…

While COVID-19 might not have rocked your world or taken a loved one, it has changed the way so many people have to think and plan for this year, for the future. The way my couples navigated planning their weddings was so freaking hard to watch. Everyone was different. No one knew what was the right call. Should they have their wedding regardless of mandates and risks? Should they have their wedding on their family’s property with just their parents? Should they reschedule it and hope things are normal in a couple months? Should they livestream the whole thing? Should they get legally married and plan a party next year?

*The what-ifs flood in*

What if I lose all my deposits and payments from my vendors?
What if someone comes to my wedding and gets COVID?
What if things are never back to normal and I can’t get married the way I always dreamed?

Dave & Alexis are a favorite of mine. I met them late into 2018 took their engagement photos in the Spring of 2019. Right away, we bonded over growing up in the same area and going to the same high school. Dave seemed like someone my husband, Sam, would get along with and we planned nights that we would hangout and all the food that we would eat. We cried, realizing we both were affected by one of my best friends committing suicide and from there, it was pretty easy to be transparent and feel connected. Through planning all of the details of their dream Folino Estate wedding in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, it was fun to get glimpses of all of their plans unfolding over the months leading up to 2020.

COVID wrecked plans, lives, and changed Dave & Alexis’ year. They choose to cancel their wedding, their vendors, and move forward with a smaller, much much more intimate wedding in 2021. Because of all the build up and just how long they had thought this is where their wedding would be… It was extra sweet to be able to take their photos here this October. And the freaking perfect Fall colors don’t hurt either.