Why You Shouldn’t Have an Engagement Shoot | John James Audubon

March 28, 2020

Jacob & Kayla’s John James Audubon Center engagement was actually in the middle of Winter. In Pennsylvania, that means we were totally relying on hand warmers, breaks in the car, lots of layers, body heat from all the cuddles, and movement. Having a full plan going into the shoot makes it as efficient and as-if-we-were-in-Hawai’i as possible. After that and every engagement shoot, even this one at John James Audubon, I get so giddy about all the ways that I can serve and show up for you even more. Engagement shoots matter. Engagement shoots with your wedding photographer matter. Why you shouldn’t have an engagement shoot? I have heard all the excuses and I can’t come up with any that should stop you.

How an Engagement Shoot Helps You Vibe with Your Wedding Photographer

More time with your photographer in-person helps you develop a genuine connection with them. In other words, you want them to be more than a vendor for you, but a friend who truly champions you and hypes you up on your wedding day. Liking the energy and personality of your photographer matters. You don’t want tension or awkward small talk throughout your entire wedding day. Like no.

How an Engagement Shoot Helps You Look 0% Awkward

We all turn into freaking weirdos when a camera is spotted. I get it. I really do. You want want to trust and know how your photographer poses and guides you in a way that works for you. Seeing the magic of how your photographer takes you two, all nervy and stiff, and creates super real, easy, amazing photos will allow you to go into your wedding day with 0% awkwardness or anxiety about how to pose or what to do. You’ll know that your photographer will take care of you.

How an Engagement Shoot Helps Your Wedding Day 10x Easier

Having an engagement shoot makes your wedding day photo timeline go a ton smoother. Therefore, during your shoot, your photographer will learn what works best for you two. Having this extra time with couples in front of the camera is huge – your photographer no longer has to experiment or test styles or positions or prompts. They can plan exactly how to get those shots you dream of.