Parque Ridley Creek Wedding | Philadelphia PA Photographer

May 17, 2020

When I first stepped onto the grounds of Parque Ridley Creek, I was stunned. Everything felt so big and so serene—it was a beautiful historical venue, and in that first walkthrough I knew shooting this wedding was going to be a dream. And Andrew and Nicolina’s wedding did not disappoint on that front. The weather was perfect—the exact mix of seasons fading gradually from summer to fall, where everything feels light and breezy.

This was the first wedding that I shot with one of my best friends as my second shooter, and it was an incredible experience to shoot with her. Something I’m very particular about is my second shooter—I firmly believe that to shoot something as important and as intricate as a wedding with someone, I want to make sure that our vibes click, that we know each other so deeply, and maybe most importantly, that they are an artist who sees the world in a different way. Having that in her made the entire experience and wedding day feel even that much more magical and the art that we captured happened so naturally. It felt easy.

When you have a beautiful venue, incredible vendors, and you’re not afraid to bring your unique vibes as a couple out in your day, your wedding will be nothing short of the freaking best.

Dream Team:
Thirty Five & Oaks
Parque Ridley Creek
Peachtree Catering
Cherry Blossom Weddings & Events

Something You On Site 
Growing Wild Floral
East Coast Entertainment