Barcelona Wine Bar in Philly | Old City Philadelphia Wedding

March 28, 2020

Elfreth’s Alley in Old City made for the backdrop of this Philly wedding that had all the Urban-Spain-Vogue details.

Drew, a little nervous, waiting for his bride in the middle of Elfreth’s Alley, a quaint, cobblestone street from 1702 (the oldest street in the US!). Nadine, like it was nobody’s business, busted past city traffic and buses. She was in her dress, cheetah-print Zara heals, and edgy Asos earrings to get to Drew.

Even with all the rad couple vibes we were feeling from this small, intimate, non-traditional wedding, this is totally going to turn into a Barcelona Wine Bar rave.

The fare is rich in flavor and inspired in innovation, with tapas shaped by Mediterranean, Spanish, and South American influences. Their wine list features nearly 400 wines. Like what. You feel like you are walking into a dream. Paella being cooked out on the terrace, endless plates of truffle cream steak, charcuterie and aged cheeses. Stringed lights with the night life of Downtown Philadelphia as your backdrop, you walk from one upscale party to the next. Barcelona Wine Bar is elegant, yet accessible. Authentic, yet familiar. The floor plan is open, while still being cozy with architecture that screams with history. Spots like these that truly define you at your core are the ultimate venues to choose. You able to curate a more elaborate, flipping unique wedding like this by opting for a shorter guest list.

Small, Intimate, Non-Traditional Weddings

Their heart behind a smaller wedding is not to be exclusive or unkind to certain circles. It is to be intentional about each and every decision they make. Wanting their wedding day to feel personal, even private. These couples want to give more of themselves to their innermost people and honor their closest friends and family in the way of how much time they would be able to spend with them. For instance, they did not want to simply make an appearance at each table and have their conversations be filled with small talk and compliments, but wanted to have a day that had a depth, had a close-knit feel, and had an extreme intimacy.


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