5 Non-Awkward Photography Poses | Overlook Dog Park, Lancaster Pennsylvania

March 28, 2020

When you feel 100% awkward in front of the camera, you need photography poses that actually work to make you 0% awkward. One of the main concerns that couples have when they reach out is informing me how awkward they are in front of the camera or how much of not-models they are. In other words, they really believe that they will be a burden for me to take photos of – so funny. What do you actually do with your hands? Can I get an amen!?


Photography Poses from a Real-Deal Wedding Photographer

There is a huge balance between forced and no direction – and my husband and I have had photographers in both camps. My best tips finding a few solid, flattering poses that you have tested. Once you have poses, your job is to relax. Get comfortable within those poses. Involve movement and swaying, so nothing feels stiff or unnatural. All you have to worry about is enjoying your person and forgetting about that 5 lb. piece of black equipment staring at you.

5 Non-Awkward Photography Poses

Wrap both hands around your partner’s arm, with your fingers facing out
Hold your partner’s hand, separating your bodies just enough without having to stretch
Rest your hands on your partner’s shoulder, facing them
Grab your partner’s collar (on the side farthest from you) with one hand and wrap the other around their bicep
Snuggle in real, real close – closer – yup, like as close as possible


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