What to Wear & How to Prep For Engagement Photos | Blue Marsh Lake

March 28, 2020

Winter in Reading, Pennsylvania didn’t stop us from going to the lake and wearing dresses. Alex & Eva’s engagement shoot reminded me of the importance of educating couples in how exactly to prepare for their photos. Eva knew exactly what to wear: Her Pinterest dreams were to wear an elegant, floor length dress and for Alex to wear an outfit that she ordered and curated. After lots of stress and decisions and changing their minds, they showed up in completely different outfits. The first thing out of her mouth was, “You were right. We decided we wanted to wear outfits that felt more like us.”

What to Wear

You can bring things like beanies, or layers like jean jackets or flannels over sweatshirts. Really, whatever you are comfortable in. I recommend bringing at least 2-3 full outfits with you in addition to what you wear. In other words, when in doubt… bring it as an option. The photos are about you and your connection – not your clothing. The only thing you want to stay away from is bright or neon colors that do not lend itself to the style and location of your shoot and may reflect onto your skin causing weird tones and hues.

How to Prep

Plan your day leading up to the shoot wisely. As in… Schedule off work the entire day leading up to your photos. Prep weeks ahead of time, so that on the day-of you can relax and be a little lazy. Coming to your shoot straight from a rushed, hectic day of errands, fighting over small things, or another social gathering isn’t the best. Rest. Eat. Get your alone time. Drink a beer. Pack snacks. Whatever the prep work (both mentally and physically) is for you – give yourself that.

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