Where to Get Prints | PA Wedding Photographer

March 28, 2020

“Where to print photos” is the most common question I get asked. And I get it. I am a wedding photographer and that’s my job – photos. I am going to completely dump all of my advice on you, but first, I want to backtrack a little.

Your Wedding Day

You don’t have to worry about a thing. My team arrives early and is committed and passionate about not just creating insanely sick photos of you and your people, but setting a fun, joy-filled tone for the entire day. Such a good time you’ll wanna do it all over again.

What Happens After

Within 16 days, you will have your full gallery in your hands with all of the edited photos. No watermarks or logos — but an online gallery with web and high-res sized JPEGs. You’ll have complete, unlimited access to download and print your photos for the rest of your life. If you have never used a gallery like ours before, it’s really easy, and kind of like a website with albums or folders of your photos. With the link that is emailed to you, you enter your email, and you instantly have access to see your photos. You will find it super easy to share your gallery with the wedding party, family, friends, and those who couldn’t make it on your wedding day.

Even After That

Okay. Here’s where prints come into play. I want to serve you and keep making all the things easy. Where you print your photos matter. It really does. Does it make sense to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on your wedding photos to print them through a convenience store for $50? When you print directly through your gallery, you are taking the guess work and research out of it and investing in a professional printer, a printing software that is directly calibrated with my computer screen, and a guarantee on your printed products. You save time, you don’t put it off for three years, you invest in a small business instead of a big company. You invest further in me.

So, I did a test. I ordered the same exact prints from Shutterfly, Target, and Bay Photo Lab – was totally shook. As the prints got bigger, the quality got worse and worse. I did not expect the 4×6 prints to be as pixelated, soft, flimsy, and discolored as they were. Quality was undeniably an issue with Shutterfly and Target. And price was less than 10% more with the professional lab. Whaaaaaaat. I was completely convinced and now you’ll find me bringing example prints along with me to show couples.

 I care a ton about this because… Your photos should not live on a screen, people. And I want to make it really really easy for you to print and shop. Directly through your gallery.

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