Dreamy, Coastal Wedding: Mount Hope Farm Bristol, Rhode Island | New England Photographers

Tim + Cara

An overcast, chilly morning on the coast of Rhode Island led into one of the most surreal, intimate wedding days I had ever witnessed. Cara’s deep, Italian roots collided with her elegant taste in a perfect nautical, sea-town Airbnb. As soon as I got out of my car, I could see sailboats lined up, smell the ocean water, and hear the laughter of family and friends that filled the home.

Tim’s face is full of freckles and joy when he smiles. Cara sees everything in Tim. Her teammate. Her adventurer. Her best friend. Tim and Cara have a love that is giddy, a love that is steady, a love that is withstanding. Withstanding of time and struggles and hurt.

Everything from the tones of the dresses, to the flower and garlands, to the vintage lace buttons, to the brilliance and bigness of the ceremony, to the way Cara sang Ed Sheeran’s Perfect Symphony (with Andrea Bocelli) to Tim as they swayed under glistening lights. Each detail was intimately woven together in way that left you in awe. In awe of the weight and burden that we take on in marriage. In awe of the love we can feel for another. In awe of the slowness of a kiss, the softness of a touch. In awe of a God that is mirrored, reflected, glorified in our love, in our lives.

Darling just dive right in
And follow my lead

I shot this wedding under the brand, The Root & Bud, alongside of Elise Meader.