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the west of ireland

the west of ireland,
fulfilling all the storybook dreams



Roundtrip + Direct Flight : $180
Dreamy + Coastal AIRBNB : $30/night
The secret is out.

I’ve traveled around; I’ve been all over this world.
Boys, I ain’t never seen nothin’ like a Galway girl.
— Steve Earle

A little mountain town that sits right along the shore has quickly become one of my favorite places to be. Dramatic hills with houses built into the sides, endless fields of yellow wildflowers, the constant ring of waves, and the best hot chocolate thus far.

Folk music. Bright colors. Gaelic. Laughing. Dancing. Traditional fare. Cobblestone. River-lined streets. And wandering through this dream at golden hour. Galway's vibrancy and magic won this girl's heart.

TRAVEL TIP : We love renting cars. It is definitely an extra expense. But for us, it is completely worth it. Getting lost in the countryside, the slowness and ease, pulling over for pretty things (all-the-freaking-time); We just love it. It adds a couple hundred dollars to our trips, but there aaaare a few ways to save on cars : Learn STICK / MANUAL (Seriously! We saved $300 for Italy!), opt for a car share, choose the "mini", book from an off-airport location, and always, always make your reservation online (In Charleston, because we thought we would just Lyft, we sat in the airport booking on our phones because booking at the desk was an extra $80. WHAT?).

Know how you travel. Splurge on key things. Cut on others.

and i miss the way you make me feel,
and it's real,
we watched the sunset,
over the castle on the hill