hawai'i getaway : made for maui | Destination, Travel Hawaii Photographers

We are still dreaming of first meal on the island : Kalua Pork, Pineapple, and Mac. Nut Pesto Pizza. And believe it or not, things just went up from there.

I am realizing the more and more that we travel, that we are quite the low-key travelers. It is kind of funny to admit. We love sleeping in, lazy days out by the water, and cooking our own meals together. We dart the other direction when we see crowds and avoid tourist spots like the plague. Maui seemed like the perfect place for us. We stayed in Kihei and wandered up and down the coast so much that we knew all the winds and turns & best beach spots and market stands; We knew where the water was warm and where the coral was abundant. Another thing about us : We. Brunch. Hard. So, finding giannnnnt Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Vanilla Bean Mac. Nut Syrup and Steak, Potatoes, and Eggs ALL FOR $9 was quite the front page news.

Long, warm days turned to cool, dreamy nights, all with a soundtrack of steady waves. We cliff jumped. We made sushi. We stayed out in the sun far too long. We were barefoot. We seriously cannot recommend island living enough.

TRAVEL TIP : Whether we are packing up and heading to the nearest city, down to Georgia, or adventuring the Hawaiian Islands, Google Maps is our friend. We pin all the spots we hear from cultured friends, travel-the-world-with-a-GoPro-kind-of-videographers, and Instagram; Secret beaches, the best cliffs, brunch spots, and the exact point where baby turtles crawl up to shore every sunset. It allows our days to be filled with spontaneity, yet assurance of thee best places to hit.