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a midsummer dream

"Let us dance in the sun, wearing wildflowers in our hair..."

My love for homes and families and photography and art and slowness has birthed a beautiful way of documenting. I want these kind of days spent with families to be the life-blood of my business. Because it is so intimate and artistic and how I naturally shoot. I am not trying to be anything that I am not. And neither are you. And I love it. It is not about posing, faking, or bribing. It is something much more organic, even healing. I love people; And entering into their stories, even just for an evening, is an experience that transcends this life. I pray for you. I listen to the hard and the bad. I giggle and chase your littles. You become part of this tribe. All the good and all the messy.

Are you willing to be vulnerable?
Are you willing to be honest?
Are you willing to be healed?
Are you willing to be seen?
Are you willing to trust me?

i am looking for my people,
people who resonate with my art, 
people who get exciting by the slowness,
the authenticity of this way of documenting, 
people who vibe with me.

Families that are willing to think about photography differently during our time together, willing to let me in are ultimately the families that will receive beautiful, authentic photographs like these. Photographs full of memories from a special day together, full of little, mundane joys,
full of magic.

Summer; Slow and easy, almost as if it was custom built for the free spirits.
— Breathe Deep the Passing Wind by Scott Evans