I want to come to your cluttered, bad-lighting-filled, messy home... | In-Home Session, Orlando FL

Snuggly, in-love Newlyweds.
Orlando, Florida

1. You will be comfortable

So many people feel awkward or on-the-spot when the cameras are pulled out. Suddenly they question every movement they make and what they look like from every angle. The discomfort is what I want to avoid. It takes work to get everyone involved to a place of complete ease, but at home, it's naturally so much easier. Because this is home.

2. It’s what your life is like most of the time

Like, hello. This is your life. I am deeply passionate in showing you that your mundane has value, that your everyday has beauty. It's what I am all about. Your family in a field they've never been in running towards the sun in heels and button-ups or your family waking up late and making freezer waffles and peanut butter for breakfast with cartoons and puzzles. What feels more like your family? Whatever life looks like for you - that's where I want to be.

3. Your home doesn't have to be cute or spotless

White walls, an array of plants, and complete minimalism is not a requirement. It's just not. Do not stress about that unfinished project or those books you forgot to donate. You. Your family. And your connection, your energy, your dynamic. That's what I am here to fully see. And everything else, I take care of. When I get to a home and through the inquiry-questionnaire process, I vibe the space, declutter a bit, feel out where I want to shoot, turn off lights, open blinds, and move any distractions. I am totally in my creative element when I walk into a new space for the first time. I see all the beauty. And I have to find the light. I see interesting and beautiful aspects of your home that may be lost on you. In. Every. Single. Home.

4. Do it to archive this season of life

You may be renting or you may have been in your home for ten years. Whatever season you are in, it is worth documenting. I promise. Because it goes by so fast. My husband and I make it a point to pay for photography and videography each year. It is something that we naturally do on our own, but it is not the same as someone coming in and really capturing life for us with both of us in the frame. Because of this, we have pictures that are so special to us not just in that random field wearing our trendy, put-together outfits, but in our first home together, in our studio that we moved into in the middle of Winter, in our first bed that we paid big money for, in our kitchen where we created, experimented, burnt a lot of things, but mostly laughed and played together.

5. All the feelings

Nostalgia. I live for it. When your kiddos see these photos in ten, twenty, thirty years. And see moments come to life of their childhood. When you look back on your first home or those quiet moments nursing, or your kitchen before the remodel or that powder room you did most of your potty training in. I want to document everything that is now, not so much for the now, but for the later.

Something is so intrinsically intimate and beautiful about capturing families in their own spaces. 

That family room. 
That couch that the boys jump off of. 
That kitchen floor.
Your sweet, messy, sometimes cluttered, and usually loud place of refuge; Your home. This is where your life is built. All the orange juice spills, all the times you could not ignite your stove, all the burnt rice, and mountains of laundry... In the middle of all of it, your daughter is learning to be bold, you son is striving to win your affection, they reading, feeling, hurting, and healing.

Magic is happening right before your eyes. 
And I do not want you to miss it.