Our vibe

We are for people. Like, the come as you are and let’s start with the messy stuff kind of people. We hope the space we create feels like nothing you have ever experienced before; Our words, our feeds, our emails, and our days spent together. We kind of hate doing the stuffy, posed, everyone-look-at-me photographs — Only because it is not us. We are slow. We are artful. We wait to catch the right light. We watch for those in between moments. We are documentary photographers and film makers more than anything else. Our vibe is full of warmth, openness, and intentionality. We have an energy that is contagious and a softness that is patient and a filmy, dreaminess in our photographs that is unmatched. And our forever goal is to show you the radiance and beauty and value in your story.

Our story

Everything began with film, for us. An obsolete, yet enduring Pentax K1000 was passed down, dusted with time and worn with love. I was enthralled. And found myself returning over and over again to a place I called home; A space where curiosity ruled over defeat, where wholeness ruled over doubt. An almost sacred spot, a vast sea of gigantic oak trees towering above, swaying in the wind, patient and wise. This craft was becoming my heartbeat. And those old photographs, that were just moments then, are now markers of growth, beauty, and unfolding. It was under those oaks, drenched in endless wonder and film at my hip, that I learned to crave imperfection, to crave vulnerability, to crave honesty. 
Thirty five. And Oaks.



But, like who are you?


We are forever honeymooners.

I am a wildly curious (sometimes just wild), usually scattered (yup…), and super intentional (this is a word that my people often describe Sam and I as… we overthink a lot in a good and not so good way) artist. I value slowness and space to process and feel all the things, both in my home and in my craft. Sam and I are living our best life in a 400 sq. ft. studio in the city. And are all about any excuse to travel (we are not about waiting until we have more money, or waiting until we are retired, or waiting until we save more to explore the world…), cook (Sam and I were not the cooking-types growing up, but that’s what is fun about growing and changing — we get to change!), and create (we are both creative souls and we are healthiest when we remember that). I am a water-child. Always barefoot. Lover of hammocks, last-minute adventures, and any day my plants don’t die. I love being active; Soccer, paddle boarding, lake days. Uuuuum, hosting is our jam! We love feeding, having people over, and road tripping down to Southern beach houses too.

*I’m a 7 and Sam is a 4, if that means anything to you (I lasted a long time before mentioning the Enneagram). We seek oneness in marriage and are advocates for Jesus and the life-giving community he enables us to have with Himself and others. 

I want all my photographs to embody connection, motion, and honesty. And to tell stories in a way that makes my people feel known and seen and valued.